Handloom! Its all worth it!!

In India, organic clothing was followed by our ancestors. That is the way it has always been done. It is only in the last few decades that we have given that up because of the affordability and commercial interests created by synthetic clothing.

The pathetic situation of the current generation is that we are in search of the our age old traditions and practices after witnessing the harmful effects of forgetting them.

Our age-old practice of organic handloom clothing possessed the following hidden benefits:

  1. The kind of clothes you wear can impact your physical and mental health. What you eat, what you wear and how you live are all about your wellbeing.
  1. Cotton helps to bring more ease, comfort, and simplicity to your life, so you can focus on being your best self.
  1. Cotton is a natural fibre, grown from the earth and spun into a soft yarn. Cotton farming has made, and continues to make, huge strides toward sustainability and environmental responsibility.
  1. Wearing the right clothes for the right weather plays a crucial role in maintaining health. Cotton breathes, keeping you cooler during even the hottest days. It’s also easier to wash and maintain.
  1. People with sensitive skin often must be very careful about what kind of clothes they wear, and they almost always turn to cotton. It’s hypoallergenic, whereas synthetic fibers are much more likely to irritate your skin, whether you’re prone to allergies or not. Cotton’s natural—so you don’t have to worry.
  1. Cotton reduces the risk of infection. Polyester, nylon, and other synthetic fabrics may hold moisture close to your skin, encouraging the growth of yeast and leading to infection.Cotton, on the other hand, breathes and absorbs moisture, keeping you dry and lowering your risk of yeast infection.
  1. Cotton keeps you cool during the night, making sure your precious sleep isn’t disrupted by overheating. Because cotton breathes, unlike synthetic fibres like polyester, it won’t trap heat underneath.
  1. Parents always want the best for their children, and since cotton is natural, soft, and hypoallergenic, it’s the right choice for a lot of mothers. But cotton goes beyond clothes and bedding when it comes to newborns. Diapers should also be made with cotton, rather than materials like wood pulp or rayon.